All our finished products are UK manufactured and we ensure they are safe and fit for purpose. We comply with REACH and all other UK regulations relating to their safety. Our factory is ISO9001 quality certified, and the systems and processes are in place so that the product you receive is what you expect.

We operate industry leading service level standards to supply you with the accurate information you need quickly. Customers are treated fairly, with respect and if we get something wrong we will admit it and put it right.


Our factory’s ISO14001 environmental certification means we are audited every year to prove the standards we claim. Whilst our raw materials will generally be imported by land and sea, sea shipping in finished product has a far greater negative impact on the environment as the packed volume in containers far exceeds that of simply raw materials. All our products have zero air miles, we believe airfreighting in merchandise to the UK that can be made here is just wrong and a serious environmental issue for our industry. We are also subject to much stricter environmental controls at our UK factory than many overseas so you can be sure that British made products are the better environmental choice.


We ensure your brand supports ethical production, fair wages and decent working conditions. We provide a safe and friendly place to work for over 50 people at our factory, all paid above the minimum wage with any overtime paid at a premium rate. Everyone has a contract of employment with us, comprehensive staff training and handbook outlining all aspects of working for the company and are collectively represented by a workers committee. We aim to provide opportunities within the company for those who wish to progress and full training is always provided. Those responsible for health and safety are fully trained to ensure safe working practices throughout and we supply all necessary PPE. We only create secure employment for the long term and do not use agencies, new jobs are created only when we know they will be secure.


We pay all our taxes on time and all in the UK, all employees are on PAYE. We comply with all laws and regulations relevant to our business which supports the wider UK economy. We use UK suppliers wherever we can, preferring to buy as locally to our factory as possible to further support the regional economy.


We understand the UK market and the need for short lead times. It’s the world we live in and we are set up to meet expectations where physically possible. On many of the products offered there is also no minimum order quantity. Where one is stated you will probably find it is the lowest available.


No delays in the support you need due to time zone differences as the factory is open when you are, not sometime tonight. UK manufacture also avoids the delays caused by random shipping problems at airports and ports and frequent customs inspections that can mean missing crucial deadlines We’ll also never call you to say there is an unexpected duty to pay on your goods before they are released.


We’ve all been around for over 45 years and enjoy what we do, the factory is profitable and will continue to be here. We hold huge stocks of the raw materials we need to manufacture our products and will be able to fulfil your ongoing requirements.


We will research and promote the use of the most sustainable materials available, paying a premium where necessary for suppliers and materials with proven environmental credentials. Unlike imports, your goods will be despatched in completely plastic free packaging as standard, made from different recycled papers and card that is easily recycled in any home or office. We even go as far as to use plastic free tape on our boxes.


Every year we will release new products in sustainable materials and develop our services to offer our customers industry leading solutions. We are the originators of many innovative and unique products and have pioneered plastic free packaging and individual product personalisation in our industry with easy online solutions.


Heating at our factory is from a biomass boiler using only UK manufactured pellets from sustainable sources that are made with green energy. Over the past 12 months, we purchased over 9 tonnes of wood pellets which has saved over 11 tonnes of CO2 when compared to imported heating oil. Low energy lighting is used throughout our factory and we are well insulated. When machinery needs replacing, energy efficiency will play a major part in choosing alternatives. Very little water is required in our production but water usage is always monitored for where savings can be made.