As we all know, there’s simply too much CO2 in the air causing global warming at life threatening levels now and something must be done about this – and fast.

Whilst our tree planting scheme is a longer term initiative, as it simply takes time for trees to grow and make a real difference, we also want to support projects that are happening right now to reduce carbon emissions – hence this carbon offset scheme as well as planting trees.


100 tonnes of carbon reduction per year just from scrap sales

We're a large scale manufacturer, we make millions of items every year and yes, of course, our production makes waste. A huge advantage of working with metals such as steel and aluminium though is that all that waste is both valuable and also very easily recycled - so we decided to put it to good use.

No metal goes to landfill, every offcut, every reject, every returned metal item is sorted, stored securely, weighed and then sold with 100% of that money going to fund carbon offsets, specifically those aimed at supporting renewable energy projects.

Renewable energy projects, such as wind, solar, and small hydro power schemes, provide reliable sources of energy to power people's lives, without the emissions caused by fossil fuels and are essential to carbon reduction as we move forward. The renewable energy projects chosen contribute to as many of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as possible, such as good jobs and economic growth, innovation and infrastructure, and of course climate action.

From selling the production waste we will offset: From making just this quantity: Of our British made: Based on this example size: That are made using:
1kg of C02 16 Name Badges 73 x 44mm Aluminium
1kg of C02 45 Clutch Pins 25mm Aluminium
1kg of C02 31 Coasters 89mm Aluminium
1kg of C02 191 Button Badges 25mm All Steel Components
1kg of C02 127 Button Badges 32mm All Steel Components
1kg of C02 136 Button Badges 38mm All Steel Components
1kg of C02 104 Button Badges 45mm All Steel Components
1kg of C02 70 Button Badges 55mm All Steel Components

People choose plastic name badges out of habit, and generally that’s what is offered – estimates are of well over 15 million in the UK at any time with factory production producing landfill on an item that ends up in landfill as well. By changing to aluminium and natural materials for your name badges we can offset tonnes of carbon and plant thousands of trees at no extra cost to you. See the case study here for the facts on how we do it


Millions of printed clutch pin lapel badges are airfreighted into the UK from China every year, directly causing high volumes of greenhouse gases. You can help reverse that trend, support the UK economy and actually contribute to carbon reduction instead. See the case study here for the facts and figures


Button badges have been around for over 300 years and at some point someone decided to save money by making the back components from plastic meaning they simply end up in landfill. Tens of millions are made in the UK in the wrong way, or even worse airfreighted in, every year and you can help us stop the landfill and air miles with no loss in quality or increase in cost. See the case study here for how a simple change can make a big difference and offset tonnes of carbon instead.


With so many everyday items a change to a sustainable or natural material can have a positive effect supporting planet saving projects. Our case study here demonstrates how we will offset carbon and plant trees every time you choose to make that change.


We can reach our goal and do so much more!

Those are just a few of the real world examples. We’re a large scale manufacturer, we make millions of button badges every year and hundreds of thousands of aluminium items, so our 100 tonnes of carbon reduction simply from scrap sales on current volumes is easily achievable but we want to do so much more to offset CO2 with your help. Also, any items returned to us (you pay the postage we’ll do the rest) will add to the amount we recycle, offsetting more and more carbon, never mind what we can reuse as well to do even more good.

In a nutshell - the more we make in sustainable materials like metals the more waste we create, the more of this valuable and recyclable waste we create the less plastic landfill someone else is making and the less CO2 is created from unnecessary airfreight. That waste is precious, we will sell that waste for tonnes of Gold Standard carbon offsets. Those products we make needn’t end up in landfill either, they can be recycled and together we can fulfil the circle.