Trees are important to us all and when we first started making wooden products our factory became corporate members of The Woodland Trust in the UK to help create, restore and protect the UK's woodlands as we felt that was the right thing to do for a company working with wood.


The problems that needs solving

We wanted to do so much more though for parts of the world where deforestation has already lead to serious and life threatening problems from erosion and soil quality to air quality and the loss of wildlife corridors - we simply need more trees everywhere and as quickly as possible.

The trees are planted across a range of amazing projects, providing vital habitat for local biodiversity, and supporting the lives of local people. From mangrove trees protecting nursery areas for fish and communties against coastal flooding in Madagascar, to Polylepis trees strengthening water security for people in the high Andes, or fruit trees providing food and a source of income for farmers in Uganda and Morocco, the trees your orders fund will bring many benefits to both local communities and the surrounding environment.