Trees are important to us all and when we first started making wooden products our factory became corporate members of The Woodland Trust in the UK to help create, restore and protect the UK’s woodlands as we felt that was the right thing to do for a company working with wood.

We want to do so much more though for parts of the world where deforestation has already lead to serious and life threatening problems from erosion and soil quality to air quality and the loss of wildlife corridors. It’s not just the land that is affected though, the disappearance of coastal Mangroves has led to a huge reduction in nursery areas for fish which adversely affects our rivers and oceans and so much more – we simply need more trees, everywhere and as quickly as possible.

So we have set target of planting 20,000 trees in 2022 and with your help this is how we will do it:

For every award we make from natural materials, any wood type or bamboo, we will pay for 1 tree to be planted. Yes, that’s right, 1 tree for each and every award made.

For every 50 items of merchandise we make from natural materials, again any wood type or bamboo, we will also plant 1 tree. Merchandise in natural materials includes any type of badge, coasters, keyrings, phone stands, medals, Christmas decorations and so much more, there really is a lot to choose from. If you need less than 50 items no problem, you’re still contributing to the forest as all orders of any quantity are included.

What we do is count the total quantities made at the end of each month and pay for the trees at the start of the following month. You can track these purchases on our Ecologi Forest – just click on the trees to see how we funded each planting.

We do it this way rather than 1 tree per order as we want to encourage the use of these natural materials for all companies and we will simply be planting more much needed trees this way. We wouldn’t want those who only need a few items to not be included and we want the larger users to see the big difference they can make with one order – a big 10,000 order of any item of merchandise plants 200 trees after all!

The way the increase in demand for natural materials has increased recently we know that we can not only reach 20,000 trees in 2022, we can smash right through it and do even more good with your help in making natural material choices.