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Units 8 Woodend Business Park
Stoke Lacey, Herefordshire HR7 4HQ


IMPORTANT - You must pay the postage when sending anything back for reuse or recycling or it will not reach us and will end up in landfill.

  • All of this tree planting is overseas, do you do anything to support UK tree planting?

    Our factory is a corporate member of The Woodland Trust, helping create, restore and protect UK woodland. That’s not funded by this scheme, we just do that anyway as we feel it’s the right thing to do.

  • Yes, but please don’t try. Some companies say you should but without the right tools and protective equipment one slip and you could easily hurt yourself. In our view it is irresponsible to suggest people disassemble products – leave it to the manufacturer.

  • 100% of the money we get from recycling aluminium and steel goes to Ecologi for carbon offsets.

  • New trees, whilst desperately needed, will of course take years to reach their maximum carbon reduction potential. This is why rather than planting trees alone we're also supporting carbon reduction projects that are certified at the highest level by Gold Standard and equivalent with Ecologi. This way our British made merchandise is supporting projects around the world that are working right now to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

  • The scrap value of the materials that you return is actually low and would not cover the cost of postage and if we built the cost of returns postage into orders that would make our items look too expensive and we would not be able to sell them.

  • Then Royal Mail will simply return the package to you.

  • Yes, we manufacture everything that we promote. By simply buying from a British manufacturer you are automatically reducing the carbon footprint of your items compared to imported or, at worst, airfreighted products.

  • Sorry but no. We couldn’t necessarily be certain of the materials used in another manufacturers items so could not recycle them.

  • It’s a mixture of land and sea transport depending on what we need. We buy as locally as we can and if UK supply is not possible we prefer European supply to further afield. By sea shipping materials where necessary from the furthest destinations in basic sheet form, much less container volume is required than finished product. For example, 1 pallet of 100 sheets of 5mm thick bamboo occupies a fairly small space in a shipping container but that 1 pallet makes tens of thousands of items which would take up way more container space with all the packaging as well. Lower sea freight volume leads to less shipping required and a lower carbon footprint.