The Problem

Using millions of poly bags and vast amounts of plastic packaging every year in the badge industry simply to protect badges in transit then all ending up in landfill


The Challenge

To develop a bespoke packaging system using only materials that are plastic free and easily recyclable by anyone

The Solution

Our exclusive range of recycled card and paper based packaging. Plastic free badge carriers, plastic free packing materials, even plastic free packing tape


EcoPack Solutions

• Completely plastic free & sustainable packaging system
• Made from 100% recycled card (with FSC recycled certification) without using harmful whitening agents
• Printed with care & safety information for your badges
• Easily recyclable in any office
• Carefully designed to improve the presentation of the products
• Improvements for everyone at no additional cost

The Scale of the UK Plastic Packaging Problem

Millions of people in the UK receive name badges as part their job, at a conference, exhibition or at some point in their working year. Millions more receive or buy multiple club / society / company or other small lapel badges. Wherever these badges come from, traditionally they have all had one thing in common – the use of plastics in bagging and packaging for each one which is simply thrown away once the item is received.

Finding a More Sustainable Way

As a UK manufacturer, we decided to take a lead in designing and implementing a plastics free packaging system that we could expand to use for all our UK manufactured products, not only to do our bit but also hopefully to inspire other companies that there was a better way. Lots of research, trials, investments in materials and tooling and it was all worth it. This individual act reduced our own usage by an astounding 1.5 million grip seal poly bags a year and since launch in January 2019 we’ve given away the details of how to do it to other companies for free.

Sometimes a polybag is still the only way for crystal clear bags as biodegradable alternatives tend to be less clear and the shelf life may not suit the customer’s long term storage needs, but that is changing and we look forward to their demise. In the meantime if you want something bagged and clarity doesn’t matter, a good old fashioned paper bag, and they come in all different sizes, does a great job.