A unique British manufacturer’s initiative directly supporting environmental projects from the sale of factory waste materials, the reuse or recycling of key parts from our British made products and the promotion of changing to more sustainable natural materials. From explaining to you how your product choices can make a real difference, in 2022 we aim to plant over 20,000 trees and offset over 100 tonnes of carbon with your help. No loss in quality, no additional cost to you, no increased lead times, just environmental benefits from informed decision making.

Our principles for a circular economy model of manufacturing

How your orders will help us offset over 100 tonnes of CO2 in 2022

See how for all orders of items made from natural materials we’ll plant over 20,000 trees in 2022

How returns mean we can reduce waste, reuse items, recycle more and do even more good

EcoPack solutions, our unique plastic free packaging system

Honest descriptions of our materials and their sustainability

Our 2022 Commitment

Your product choices can make a real difference. In 2022 we aim to plant over 20,000 trees and offset over 100 tonnes of carbon with your help.

Our Progress

Since the 1st January 2022 look how far we have come.

of carbon reduction

trees in our forest

Why are we doing this?

Desperate times call for bold measures and British manufacturers like us, fortunate enough to be in a position to influence product choice and decision making, have a responsibility to do the right thing and bring about positive change for people and planet.

We have partnered with Ecologi, an environmental platform which funds Gold Standard certified sustainability projects and tree planting schemes all over the world. By planting trees and helping to grow our Sustainable British Manufacturing Forest you will not only be reducing your own carbon footprint by offsetting unavoidable emissions, but you will also be creating employment for local families and restoring wildlife habitats too - just by making more informed buying choices and reducing product waste formerly destined for land fill. Together we can make a difference.