Traditional manufacturing is described as linear, where natural resources are turned into products that ultimately become landfill – often summarised as take, make, waste. We believe however that we have a responsibility for the whole life cycle of our products, all the way from design to end of useful life and beyond – a circular manufacturing model. But we also go further than that as we are turning waste into thousands of trees and tonnes of carbon reduction.

Our circular model looks at manufacturing in this different way, much of it based on the 3R’s – REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.


Reduce waste at any stage by only developing new products from the most sustainable or natural materials and incentivising their use over traditional materials such as plastics. Provide honest detail and descriptions to help you make informed choices for your products considering their environmental impact. Where you choose the most sustainable natural materials, wood and bamboo, we’ll plant trees in our forest to say thank you for making that planet positive choice.


Reusing any items is the most sustainable choice of all. We will encourage people to return products to us for reuse. If you return items we’ve made to us we’ll disassemble them, minimize what goes to landfill, reuse what we can and recycle as much as possible. The money earned and saved from the reuse and recycling of anything returned goes directly into carbon offsets and planting more trees. You’ll be surprised at how much good we can do by reusing even simple items – eg we will plant 1 tree for every 2 name badge magnets returned.


We will recycle everything we can, which often comes down to considered material choice in the first place. Recycling of metals has value and we will put every penny of what we earn from recycling factory waste and products returned to us into our Ecologi Sustainable British Manufacturer’s forest, which you can see grow, or invest in their Gold Standard carbon offsets.